Ray Stevens MP: May 2017 Update

One of the great attributes of the Gold Coast City that attracts visitors and population drift to the city at about 15,000 permanent new residents per year is the ability to move around the city with minimal traffic snarls and delays.

This situation is rapidly diminishing! City planners and road infrastructure designers must commit to keeping car traffic flowing as the Department of Transport’s own figures identify that only up to 7% of people movements around the city will be accommodated by public transport. In other words, 93% by car! With the population predicted to double by 2050, unless air space becomes the norm for local travel, gridlock will paralyse the city.

The current roadworks put in place by the LNP when we were in Government for Bermuda Street/Bundall Road to six lanes is the type of infrastructure building that will keep our city moving.

Other road infrastructure requirements must be put in place now at least on planning documents to protect the liveability of the City that draws many of us from other places to call the Gold Coast home.

It is noted that Brisbane City Council annually commits around $122million to an efficient suburban bus service while Gold Coast City commits virtually no dollars at all. Perhaps it is time for the city council to stump up for a more frequent and efficient bus service to outlying suburbs considering Gold Coast is about a third of the size of Brisbane City Council and Australia’s sixth largest city. It seems hypocritical to brag about the merits of being a large, important, international City without committing to a public bus system that other large cities see as their responsibility.

Calling for light-rail expansions is good where commuter numbers can sustain that large investment but it still requires an efficient and effective Gold Coast City bus service to address some of the vehicle congestion coming down the track.

Further on local government matters, the current enquiry into the Gold Coast City Council is just another State Labor Government witch-hunt that will produce about the same ‘nothingness’ that the last State Labor Government inspired inquiry into Gold Coast City Council produced in 2006.

The only outcome will be a State Labor Government ban on developer industry donations to people and political parties that mirrors the banning legislation in NSW brought on by the previous NSW Labor Government. Of course Unions will be exempt from the ban smelling distinctly of tricky politics by a Labor Government out of ideas about creating jobs for Queenslanders but full of ideas about trying to protect their own jobs in Government.

Should you have any State issues you would like to discuss please feel free to contact my office on Tel: 5600 0100 / E: Mermaid.Beach@parliament.qld

Best wishes

Ray Stevens MP

State Member for Mermaid Beach

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