Ray Stevens MP – July Newsletter


School holidays are upon us again and it is great to see families and visitors out and about enjoying the warm and sunny spring like weather! Who could believe it is the middle of winter?

Our domestic and international tourism numbers are surging on the back of turmoil overseas and we welcome the opportunity to showcase what Queensland has to offer ahead of the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

There has been poor media coverage of the LNP’s opposition to the union supporting trading hour’s legislation currently before the House. We are certainly for the extended trading hours over the Commonwealth Games period but not for further monopolisation of the market by Coles and Woolies who have favourable lesser wage agreements in place over smaller convenience stores such as IGA and Spa.

Again we are supporting small business and again the Labor Government is supporting Coles and Woolies with 200,000 unionised employees.

The State budget delivered another debt increase for Queenslanders with the focus of the Labor Government budget a $2,000 million spend on a cross-river rail extension in the electorate of South Brisbane where the Deputy Premier Jacqui Trad is under threat from a Greens candidate.

The only problem we are having with trains not running on time and cuts to frequency is because of the unionised control of the train-drivers which has left the State without enough train-drivers!

Even that enormous amount of spend doesn’t complete the project as it will require another $7,000, million. A typical Labor uncosted, unfunded blowout like ‘the desalinisation’ plant and the $7 billion water grid we are still paying for.

No-one has complained to me on the Gold Coast about the need for a cross-river rail crossing in South Brisbane!

The continuing discussion about the extension of the light-rail to Burleigh must be predicated on a fully-costed cost-benefit analysis. It is not enough to say “I want a nice new shiny bauble for Christmas in the shape of a light-rail extension”. It has to be costed, the increased effectiveness of public transport gauged and a three-tier of government consultation process undertaken before any substantial funding is undertaken.

Should you have any State issues you would like to discuss please feel free to contact my office on Tel: 5600 0100 / E: Mermaid.Beach@parliament.qld

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