Would you like peace of mind for your elderly loved one?

Do you have an elderly loved one?

Do you worry about not being able to check on them regularly?

Would you like the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re ok… every day?

We understand how busy life can be with juggling work, family and social commitments. You just don’t have the time to check on your elderly loved ones as much as you would like.

Perhaps you don’t live close enough to be able to pop in, or when you try and make a ‘quick call’ it turns into a lengthy conversation.

We also know this… you really do care about them.

You worry about them having a fall and not being able to get up to contact anyone, or reach their medical alert device… or even remember to! You think about the rise in home invasions, door-to-door scammers and people preying on the elderly. You hear about people who have passed away, alone and not been found for days, or longer.

Do you know why  we understand? Because it has happened to one of our family members – alone for 2 days after a serious fall, paralysed and unable to reach their medical alert.

We decided something needed to change, so we created a solution called Care Calling Now.

It’s simple. ‘Care Calls’ are daily reassurance calls by phone to your loved ones… and they’re not just for the elderly. We call people living alone, people with a disability, anyone who is feeling vulnerable.

It’s an old fashioned, discreet and inexpensive service that gives peace of mind, not only to the person being called, but to those who care about them.

Without regular interaction from family members, people living alone often feel isolated and neglected. The Care Calling Now service is designed to help them feel safe and secure, knowing that we will check on them daily to ensure their well-being. It’s just like having their own guardian angel.

We would love to have a chat and help you work out the best Care Call option for your family member.

Irene & Ian Manson. Care Calling 

We are in our 60's last year we sold everything, including a business that we had been in for 18 years, so that we could focus on our new business CareCallingNow, a daily automated welfare check by phone for vulnerable people living at home alone.

We did this so that we could focus on it and not have any excuses.

It took a lot of faith on our part and we finally launched on 12 April on the Gold Coast, Australia however it is a global business currently also available in the USA & Canada.

We have started this from scratch, including developing the automated software to run the service. We are a 2 person business and are excited at the potential of this service as we believe it addresses a consumer need in an old fashioned way.

Call 0422 948 163 | Email admin@carecallingnow.com.au

Website www.carecallingnow.com.au 

Irene & Ian Mason
Care Calling Now
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