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WINTERFEST Brings Theatre to Varsity: Read about it and Book Now

Winterfest is proud to bring 'The Apology' by Stefano Nantsou and presented by 'Shock Therapy Productions' to the event program for Winterfest 2017.

For a very short season scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of August 2017 at the Nitehawk Theatre (Varsity College Auditorium), Varsity Lakes.

“Inspired by a true story of a high school student who “took revenge” on a classmate who was bullying him after his father advised him to “fight back”, The Apology is a searingly honest look at the repercussions of taking revenge and the long term effects that bullying can have.

Ray Bones is being hassled by ‘the Eneme’. When a year-nine excursion to the Boggo Road Goal goes awry, Ray’s dad encourages him to pick his moment and fight back. The Apology ricochets through a five-year period where the bruises of bullying refuse to heal. Told from an unbiased perspective, this powerful production explores bullying, mateship, alcohol fuelled violence, revenge, decision-making, consequences and family dynamics.

Two actors, Sam Foster and Hayden Jones, play 18 different characters, skilfully changing between each one, without ever leaving the stage or changing costume. Fuelled with intensity, The Apology fuses physical theatre techniques, multiple role-sharing and live music into a visceral and dynamic piece of theatre. The Apology is an example of Zeal Theatre’s signature style of doing as much as possible with as little as possible.

The Apology was published by Playlab in 2009 and is on Education Queensland’s Recommended Reading List.

The Varisty College Auditorium is being transformed into the Nitehawk theatre, a famous Theatre in Brooklyn NYC. This will be a fantastic theatre experience for Varsity Lakes locals to enjoy this cutting edge theatre, says Sue Horking, from by kaleidoscope, organisers of Winterfest 2017.

Street food, bar and coffee van onsite along with pre performance entertainment.

Both show's start at 7:00pm with ticketing at $10.

Tickets go on sale on May 12, via varsitywinterfest until sold out.

For all news and information on Winterfest 2017 go to the Winterfest  Website and REGISTER today to automatically receive the latest updates.

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