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What’s your story? Contribute an article today.

We want to hear your story

Share your knowledge, passion and experience.

Be it a Blog, Article, Story or Information piece, if you feel it is worth telling we think it's worth sharing  with our Community.

It's about us giving  people and business a voice to be heard and read, to start conversations and connect local people.

We don't mind what it's about. Health & well-being, Fitness, Diet, Politics, Education, Community, Business - you name the subject, you provide the content.

You may be a budding journalist and just want to be read, get noticed & show you've been published?

Your piece may be about you, your family, friends, loved ones, pets, business or community. 

Being a Community website some relevance or association to Varsity Lakes would be great and is encouraged, however it is not absolutely necessary as we appreciate your topic may be more general in nature.

It's impossible for us to publish each and every piece, so don't be upset if yours is not selected - however - if we do publish it, it may take several days or weeks before you see it appear on our site.

We always encourage and recommended that you read and double-check all grammar and spelling prior to submitting it with us.?


  • Your Full name (First and Last name)
  • Your contact details (Email address and phone number)
  • A one to two sentence BIO (of you) to use for the Author Introduction
  • A photo of you
  • The Article Headline
  • Article Category (Politics,  Community, Business, Health, Fitness, Art etc) - multiple?
  • The detail - (I.E. the actual blog, story, article itself)
  • Pictures and or photos 
  • Send all details and pictures to manager@sportshouse.com.au 
  • As a contributor you agree to comply with the Varsity Lakes Community Rules for Contributors.
  • The Varsity Lakes Community Limited Rules for Contributors can be found at http://vlcl.com.au/rules-for-contributors



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