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WELLNESS: Give it a go I say – By Nic Rone

My partner and I decided to jump in the deep end and participate in a 7 day Detox,  and all I can say is WOW.

All the joking of the week aside (and there were a lot laughs creating all the juice and smoothie concoctions - double bubble toil and trouble ) and jibes from friends, I can truly say I feel incredibly energised, alert and sharp. I have not slept so well or woken up with this much energy in a long time!!

I shouldn't really be surprised I guess, that's what detox's are designed to do, but honestly how good I feel in only 7 days is quite staggering !

As a family we rarely eat any take away and generally always cook healthily at home, but it wasn't necessarily about changing my diet as much as it was about omitting some items. A couple of which I knew were bad anyway but others I had no idea could affect the body so much!!

I love my coffees, bread, meat, dairy & let's face it alcohol (me), chocolate (Partner) but to have given my body a rest from all the above for even just seven days has been a revelation.

Yes hunger pangs and the smell of food cooking at night during the 3 day juice fasting were my greatest enemy, as were friends texting meal pictures to me variously throughout the week, but with the support of my wellness experts, I was able to just follow the program. They were also there to support me day and night by answering any questions I had on what I should or shouldn't eat (and there were many!).

This in itself was the biggest learning curve never having done a detox before, but I now walk away with more understanding of food and a way of maintaining a healthier eating regime into the future - without necessarily having to detox - but by making small changes to my daily eating habits. (No I haven't turned Vegetarian by any stretch!)

This is probably nothing new to many of you health nuts, but for me it is the biggest change I intend to make, which is funny considering I felt until now I was living and eating quite healthily!!

So, all up it was well worth the challenge and I’m glad to have had the support of Wellness experts to do it, because on top of managing the detox process, they gave me the knowledge and courage to help myself. This is important because I will use this experience as my starting point , and now have the knowledge to make it sustainable. 

If you can, I would also recommend doing it with someone such as a friend or partner to give you that moral support when you need it (even if there are arguments over who's half cup of juice is left in the fridge!!).

It’s incredible to feel so good so quickly, and to experience for myself the results both physically and mentally. Just makes you think what maintaining it alongside a good workout regime can do into the future, so stay tuned for my next installment, and as for 'Wellness', I say give it a go.

If you don't have a personal trainer or a wellness expert to help you and you'd like to give this a go yourself,  I am happy to share more about my experience so feel free contact me, or indeed contact my wellness coach Chris Barnes of Jetts Varsity Lakes directly.

Nic Rone: 0413 525 787 - nic@vlt.com.au 

Wellness Coach: Chris Barnes (07) 5578 9819 - chris.barnes@jetts.com.au

Nic Rone
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