Varsity Lakes Community limited (VLCL)

We are a community based not for profit organisation established in 2006 dedicated to ensuring community prosperity through a Board of Directors with representation from key community leaders and stakeholder groups.

Our vision is to provide leadership and ensure ongoing community prosperity for Varsity Lakes and work to promote social, business, economic, education, environmental and physical wellbeing programs and initiatives to the community.

Our organisation has two key missions
  • Ensuring Community Properity
  • Providing leadership

We work with community groups, organisations & associations, local authorities, clubs, sport & recreation providers, church groups, care providers, aged care facilities, schools, residents and businesses to identify the needs of the community and provide the support and leadership to manage those needs.

We are a Not for Profit company limited by guarantee. We are a membership based organisation represented by a volunteer Board of Directors that are voted in each year at the AGM.


Provide Vision and Leadership 

a. Provide vision for our community

b. Continuing leadership

c. Generate pride and ownership in our community

Provide governance and resources

a. Providing governance

b. Provide assistance to community stakeholders

c. Financial capacity/funding

d. Providing resources and support

e. Providing ongoing research

Co-ordinate and develop relationships

a. Relationship building

b. Networking

c. Knowledge sharing

d. Coordination between community groups to maximise community benefits and outcomes

e. Coordinate unique features of Varsity Lakes

Manage Sports House

a. Manage Sports House on behalf of council and the community

Provide a central point of contact for community matters

a. Act as a community HUB

Identify and Develop community, business and innovation opportunities

a. Building and maintaining social capital    

b. Community development      

c. Expanding and exploring opportunities for the community      

 d. Capacity building            

e. Educating the community                    

f. Nurturing innovation and evolution

Undertake promotion and advocacy

a. Advocacy for the Varsity Lakes Community

b. Promotion of Varsity Lakes

c. Local event creation, support and promotion for community wellbeing


• May 2010 – Varsity Lakes Certified by the World Health Organisation as an International Safe Community. VLCL becomes the 184th member of the network.

• Nomination – 2009 Outstanding contribution to improving community safety and preventing crime; NFP Group Category, Gold Coast City Council Community Safety Awards

• Winner – 2007 Encouragement Award; Medium Businesses QLD, Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Community Business Partnerships


Nicholas Rone - Managing Director - VLCL & Sports House

Phone: 0413 525 787  |  Email: manager@sportshouse.com.au

Donna Kelly Operations Assistant : Sports House 

Phone: 07 5610 1800  |  Email: admin@sportshouse.com.au

Our Head Office Address is located at