The story of Varsity Lakes: Chapter 1 – Village of the future

Village of the future

Construction on Varsity Lakes’ first residential village began in December 1999. As bulldozers carved wide new roads through the neglected former pine plantation,few imagined the sophisticated, cosmopolitan village that would soon take its place.

In 12 short years, Varsity Lakes has become a model urban community, setting new standards in masterplanned development. The story of its creation is a tale of innovation, persistence and hard work. It’s a story that deserves to be told.

For the first time ever, this book opens up the inner workings of a Lend Lease project – one we are incredibly proud of – chronicling Varsity Lakes’ evolution from concept through to reality. Comprehensively detailing major phases and initiatives,it ultimately reveals the strategies that underpin the project’s phenomenal commercial success.

Normally, these organisational secrets are jealously guarded. Our hope is that in sharing, we will inspire greater industry excellence.

Town planning students will find this book a wonderful companion tool to theory based text books. It’s also a fantastic aid for local and state government professionals challenged with building better communities across Australia.

The Lend Lease Team

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