Significant Women

Every single one of us is here because of her.

Whether we fight or get along or have a relationship somewhere in between, most of us have had a mother for a significant portion of our lives.

For those of us who didn’t, there have been many significant women who helped us along the way. Teachers, big sisters, aunts, neighbours, friends, work-mates and many others can and have fallen into the category of “Significant Women” over the years.

Where would we be without our Mums? They are the nurturers, the peace-makers, the school-run legends, the ones who wipe away our tears. They are the encouragers, the wise counsellors, the lecturers, the voice of reason when we are tempted to do silly things. Mums make our lives just that little bit warmer, more comfortable and safe and their absence is always noted. They bring softness and grace to difficult situations and their beauty extends outwards from an others-focused heart.

Look around you and you will find them everywhere: arranging a story of roses into a beautiful bouquet at the florist, serving you with a smile at your local grocers, standing in the pouring rain in a high visibility vest, helping school-kids cross the road.

We love our Mums. Sometimes they drive us crazy, but we love them.

Author: Deborah Hayward - Hope Church

Hope Church, 175 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes

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simon - July 18, 2017

Thanks for sharing. Very informative

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