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Resort, Tourism & Travel-related Injury Support

Husband and wife on their honeymoon, visiting from Japan, arrived in Cairns for the solar eclipse festival. On road trip travelling from Cairns to Brisbane, car crash left husband dead and wife badly injured.

A Canadian woman visiting Brisbane on a long dreamt-about holiday breaks hand in bus crash on tour to the Mount Coo-tha Lookout.

Each year there are in excess of 2.4 million annual visitors to Queensland with the large majority taking in the attractions of the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast region. Information provided by the Queensland Government and Queensland Airports Limited confirms that air traffic visitors to Coolangatta Airport now exceeds 6 million per year. Victorians alone comprise a healthy percentage of the total domestic visitors to the Gold Coast, and commonly staying during the sunny mild-temperatured winter and autumn seasons to escape the southern cold. New Zealanders too are part of the mix of visitors coming to Brisbane and Gold Coast destinations. From overseas we welcome people from a wide range of countries including China, the UK, Japan, Europe and North America.

Tourism and resort travel have historically been amongst the Gold Coast’s largest revenue and tax sources. The tourism industry is responsible for the employment of 225,000 Queenslanders. Yet, along with the valuable contribution to our economy comes associated side-effects, such as congestion and confusion found on our region’s roads and highways.

South East Queensland is (regrettably) often the scene for diverse driving customs of foreign visitors from Asia to Argentina bringing with them their own “rules of the road”. Sometimes it’s the local drivers who are the culprits such as occurred in one of our cases where we supported 2 young Japanese backpackers who were run over by a bus on their first day of visit to Australia. Unfamiliarity with the legal system can compound the already stressful experience of being injured in a foreign place or country.

The logistics of assisting out-of-state and out-of-country injured visitors, coordinating medical attention and providing a support system are crucial. Often times, the visitor has no connection with South East Queensland, other than wanting to relax and enjoy the climate and casual atmosphere. Non-Queensland holiday makers may be unaware and innocently let their “guard down” to hazards and other potential risks to health and safety.

Injured visitors who return home (either out-of-State or out-of-country) can be effectively assisted by advanced technology. For example, use of email, Skype and video conferencing allows for the sharing of information and the obtaining of relevant details from all over the world. Language support is often of extreme importance. A visitor with a native language other than English, in particular can be comforted and more strongly supported through communication with their lawyer in their native language.

We know from direct experience that the Supreme Court in Brisbane approves (and in fact encourages due to efficiency) the presentation of evidence through advanced technology, including the capability of receiving testimony from witnesses who live in foreign and potentially remote areas.

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