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Ray Stevens MP – October Newsletter 2018

Ray Stevens MP – October Newsletter 2018

The GC 600 Supercars went off with a bang and plenty of local, interstate and overseas visitors enjoyed the spectacular racing in rain and shine. Good location for a great car race showcasing city and beach as well as a positive cash injection for local eateries and attractions. I note the comments by senior participants in the industry that the race weekend needs an injection of modernisation and re-energising of the event to make it more relevant and significant as an iconic Gold Coast tourism event. I support those comments and look forward to initiatives by the organisers to grow the event. I would hate to see it wither on the vine and be lost to our Gold Coast tourism industry.

Cuts to Gold Coast Police Budget

Varsity residents will be disappointed to hear that Labor has planned to cut police funding for the Gold Coast. It is a sad state of affairs when cutbacks to the police budget result in our local community’s safety being put at risk. There has been a resurgence of bikie violence and the associated unsavoury criminal activities that go hand in hand. The Palaszczuk Labor Government needs to ensure that local Gold Coast communities feel safe and that there are adequate resources available to police to safeguard our city. Labor had promised to increase police numbers but in fact figures show that the Gold Coast has lost officers putting Gold Coast communities at risk. It is a fact that the Gold Coast because of its magnificent fun filled lifestyle is a magnet for some unsavoury characters to carry out their nefarious activities for greed and opportunism. To keep these characters in check and to eradicate the perception of the Gold Coast being a sunny place for shady characters, we need a full and well-resourced police force to maintain our family-friendly image and to protect Gold Coast residents from the dangers these characters represent. The LNP government understood that and spent a lot of money backing up our thin blue line. Unfortunately this Palaszczuk Labor Government doesn’t understand or care about the Gold coast otherwise they wouldn’t have reduced the police numbers.

Racing Tax

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s betting tax will crucify a billion dollar industry that employs thousands of Queenslanders and provides enjoyment to many others. The introduction of the Point of Consumption tax with none of the money committed to the racing industry on an ongoing basis is proof this government has little regard for the racing industry. As a keen racing participant myself over many years I find it unfathomable that a Labor Government would kick the racing industry so hard it would force the racing industry to go on strike. Maybe it is time the racing industry kicks the Labor Government right back where it hurts in the ballot-box!

Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3A

The debate continues and my office also continues to receive comments from constituents outlining why they do not support the proposed Stage 3A. Many support the Light Rail as needed transport infrastructure but are opposed to the high density of people and high rises that will accompany approval of the light rail to Burleigh. Again, it poses the question, is the light rail being put in place to address increasing traffic problems or is the light rail through associated high density where 93% will use cars for transport creating a bigger traffic and parking headache?

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