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Ray Stevens MP – November Newsletter 2018

Ray Stevens MP – November Newsletter 2018

The Return of Indy Cars!

Whilst the 2018 Gold Coast car races have been and gone, it is obvious as promoter extraordinaire and Gold Coast Suns Chairman Tony Cochrane says, that the race now needs a boost to maintain its interest and place on the Gold Coast tourism calendar. There is talk of trying to resurrect the Indy cars again but they left the Gold Coast leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of Queensland taxpayers. Perhaps something new like a Red Bull event or even shifting Formula 1 from Melbourne might be a new and exciting challenge. All we want is to keep the event tourism rolling and we certainly want the Government to explore all avenues.

Federal Funding - Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3A

Great to see ScoMo, aka Scott Morrison Australian Prime Minister committing Federal Governments share of the funding of $112 million to the light rail extension to Burleigh. Whether you are a supporter or not of the light rail, Federal Government funding for infrastructure on the Gold Coast is an absolute necessity particularly under a Liberal Government which has a sea of blue seats in this private enterprise built region of Australia. That being said, it is good to see a Morrison Government recognising how important it is to hang onto that “Sea of Blue” by committing serious funding to light-rail, M1 highways and the like to deal with the consistent growth we have here on the Goldie. It’s time the State Labor Palaszczuk Government matched the Federal Government Funding to cure the M1 traffic jams!

Proposed “Tourism Hub”

On another State Government matter, talk of a “Tourism Hub” development on the Gold Coast by the Palaszczuk Government with a second major casino as its base is another red herring Government looking for more poker-machine revenue to fund its profligate spending. The reality is that Casinos in Australia don’t make money without slot machines and we already have a major casino with hundreds of slot machines and another one in Brisbane an hour away. As I said in my speech to Parliament on this issue, if you can’t find a slot machine on the Gold Coast, you’re not really trying! It’s just another cash grab by a Labor Government looking to fund more borrowings and debt for Queenslanders and it undermines every community club, private pubs and the Star Casino who have just spent multi-millions upgrading the central venue.

Hoping everyone takes care over the Christmas seasons end of year catch-ups and festivities.

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