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    Atlas Chiropractic is a state of the art chiropractic facility utilising specialised equipment with a special focus on upper cervical health.


    Very simply, if your head is not on straight, the body compensates and becomes out of balance, ages and wears out quicker then you like. This can lead to a whole range of aches, pains and health conditions. REALIGN the relationship of the heavy head on the spine and the body will follow.




    We invite you to come and visit by appointment and see for yourself. Accept our offer of a complimentary assessment and informative introduction to this logical yet life changing health care program.


    Our Vision

    Atlas Vision“Our vision is to help all our Gold Coast clients regain and maintain their health and wellness when searching for ” Chiropractor Gold Coast “in order to live their life as it was intended and not be governed by the presence of dis-ease. By understanding and restoring the fundamental laws of health that apply to all, will allow the natural God given process of function, health and healing to naturally happen. Health and healing just happens, life happens.”

    Our Philosophy

    Thomas Edison stated:

    “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”.

    Our philosophy and clinic procedures are based on this statement. We believe there is a fundamental set of laws, which apply, to all humans governing development, health and wellbeing. And that if we stray from these laws the opportunity for dis-ease, dysfunction and premature ageing escalates. As for a plant, in order for it to be fully alive, healthy and thriving, the conditions that give life must be available in the right balance, for example, sunlight, water, and food. If they are out of balance, the plant may well be living, but of a sickly state. Once returning back to balance what the plant needs to thrive, IT SIMPLY WILL. For humans, these fundamentals of life may include such as, structural integrity, breath, water, nutrition, and mindfulness. In order for humans to be fully alive, such as the plant, we must address these fundamental principles first. “Nature does the rest” B.J Palmer stated “The body does not need any help, it just needs no interference.”

    Our Values

    Atlas Chiropractic Varsity Lakes endeavours to deliver the following values in all that we do.

    • Genuinity – We are health professionals for a reason, we genuinely want to help!
    • Transparency – We believe all patients have the right to be educated as to the exact service they are receiving
    • The ability to listen – Many of our clients often complain that previous health care “professionals” have not listened to their symptoms and feedback. We listen to our clients individual needs so we can help them in the best way possible.
    • Minimal intervention – I’m sure you will be glad to hear “we are not in the business of health care robbery!” Unlike other traditional Gold Coast chiropractors, we educate, prevent and monitor our clients from engaging in any services other then are necessary to maintain their health at 100% and help them live the life they have always imagined.
    • Education & Simplicity – Our ultimate aim is to help you help yourself.



    Ph: 07 5575 7363

    Address: 1/15-21 Lake St, Varsity Lakes QLD 4227


  • To find out more about this new state of the art, gentle chiropractic treatment, book in for a COMPLIMENTARY appointment.

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