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Jason Skinner: A Healthy Business Starts with a Healthy Business Owner | Podcast Episode 5


Today we talk to gym owner and health coach Chris Barnes from Jetts Fitness in Varsity Lakes. I am a firm believer in a healthy business starts with a healthy business owner. What is covered in this episode:

  • How Chris was at the beginning stages of Jett’s journey to becoming a rapidly growing worldwide franchise chain.
  • The process of buying a franchise and working with territory and zones
  • The importance of health and well being for a successful small business owner
  • Coping with business failure and what key lessons Chris learnt from the process
  • Knowing what your driving motivation is in running your business
  • What you need to consider when opening a new location and the importance of community in the marketplace
  • Challenges Chris has faced by not understanding the key financial numbers in his business
  • Tips for working with your partner and balancing the work/life stresses
  • How a healthy mindset and being mindful will help you with managing staff and customers
  • Why being mindful and staying positive is critical in becoming a healthy business owner.
  • How to get started in improving your physical and mental health while running a business
  • The importance of putting back into your health and how that affects your overall well being
  • Tips for staying healthy when travelling
  • Chris’s new Leaner and Cleaner 7 day program

Links mentioned in the show:

Chris Barnes Wellness and Leaner and Cleaner 7 day program

Chris Barnes Wellness Facebook Page

Contact Chris at info@chrisbarneswellness.com.au

Jett’s Varsity Lakes

7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey

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