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Finding a qualified and trusted Builder on the Gold Coast: By Hennessy Building Projects

It is no secret that the building industry on the Gold Coast has been very quiet for quite some time.

Some builders out there are risking the quality of their work by using cheaper trades in order to “win” jobs. We are hearing of this all too often and unfortunately what comes with this is hearing the stories from people who have had a terrible time throughout their build. We have heard of major issues during the project, as well as the builder taking far longer than expected to complete the project, and also customer disappointment in the quality of the end result of the project.

Whichever project you are undertaking, whether it is a new house or a renovation or a commercial fit out, it is a massive investment in your money and time. It is essential to choose a builder that has the right qualifications to ensure the project is run smoothly and the outcome is of the highest standards.

We have put together a checklist to assist you in finding the best builder for your project.

Check that the builder is licensed with the Building Services Authority (BSA – http://www.bsa.qld.gov.au )
The BSA should be the first port of call for anyone considering building or renovating. Any builder performing building work valued over $3,300 must hold a BSA licence. A licensed builder has met BSA’s technical, managerial and financial requirements. A builder’s licence can be checked online using their licence number.

Check that the builder has all the relevant insurances
This is another important point that many people miss. Should anything not go to plan the builder needs to be covered through their insurances. A client may be liable if an uninsured person has had an accident on the clients property.

Check that the builder belongs to at least one professional association
A good builder should belong to at least one of the two main associations for the building industry. These are the Master Builders Association (MBA – http://www.masterbuilders.asn.au/) or the Housing Industry Association (HIA – http://hia.com.au/). Choosing a builder that is a member of one of these associations will give you peace of mind that your builder is appropriately licensed, that they are being kept up to date with new legislations and compliance issues and that they have met a high standard of expertise within the industry. You will also have the support of the association if there are problems during the building process eg assistance with dispute resolution.

Request a detailed quotation
Every quote you receive should be able to be broken down for you to show where every single estimated dollar is going. Think twice about using a builder that will not provide you with this information.

Request to contact referees
If there is a project on the builder’s website that you like, ask the builder if you can contact the client. This way you will know that the completed projects on the website are legit and also find out the past clients experience with the builder.

Ask the builder if they use the same trusted trades and if these tradsemen have the appropriate insurances and qualifications
More then likely the builder’s tradesman, ie the electrician, plumber, tiler, plasterer etc, will be subcontractors to the company. If required, enquire about the subcontractors insurances and qualifications.

We know all too well the repercussions of using a builder that is not qualified to do the job and is not trusted within the industry.

Do not trade quality with a lower cost as this will only cause issues in the long run. Your building project should be worry-free, run smoothly and on time.

Enjoy the building process!!

Aaron and Dianne have combined their expertise in both the building industry and in business management to form what Hennessy Building Projects has become today.

Over the years,  they have assembled a range of reliable and trustworthy trades people, subcontractors and office staff. All subcontractors working under the Hennessy Building Projects banner have the correct licenses and insurances for your project.

Hennessy Building Projects prides itself on customer service and close client relationships.

Website: http://henbuild.com.au    Phone: 07 5689 1131 Email: mail@henbuild.com.au

Aaron & Dianne Hennessy HENNESSY Building Projects
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