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Business Made easy: The Chuppa Chup Story – Episode 8

March 5, 2018

LISTEN NOW: EPISODE 7Today is another solo episode where I discuss the importance of making it as easy as possible for you customers to do business with you. I’m a strong believer you can never make it too easy for people to deal with you.What is covered in this episode:Why it is important to make […]


Business Made easy: Latest Tips on Maximising your Social Media Marketing – Episode 7

February 15, 2018

LISTEN NOW: EPISODE 7Today’s guest is Greg Cassar who helps small business and entrepreneurs with his digital marketing mastermind, The Collective. What is covered in this episode:Why going to events is in important in growing your network and opportunitiesHow Amazon is dominating as an e-commerce platformThe power of the Fulfilment By Amazon programThe impact Amazon […]


Business Made Easy: Jason Answers a Listener Question – Episode 6

February 6, 2018

LISTEN NOW: EPISODE 6Today I answer a listener question from Sam around the biggest challenges new business owners face.If you would like to have your question answered on the podcast you can do that here.Having worked with numerous small businesses over the years I have identified 5 key areas all new business owners should focus […]


Jason Skinner: Plan on a page – Podcast Episode 4

October 10, 2017

LISTEN NOW: EPISODE 4Today we discuss the importance of not only having a business plan but the process behind the plan. The actual process of sitting down and doing a business plan, to me is probably one of the most fundamental things that you should do in your business.To make it easy for you to […]


Jason Skinner: From Passion Project to Full-time Business | Podcast Episode 3

September 19, 2017

LISTEN NOW: EPISODE 3Today is our first guest episode we’re fortunate to have a very long-time friend of mine, Donna Webeck from Prestige Property Copy to share her journey in starting a niche business.What is covered in this episode:How Donna has turned her passion of copy writing into a successful niche businessThe importance of using […]


8 Steps In Digital Transformation Which Created The Experience Economy…Blirt

September 13, 2017

We live in the experience economy. An economy driven by experiences and sustained through digital integration and innovation.Blog by Stuart Leo – Blirt MarketingHow did we get here?Well here’s digital transformation in 8 steps.1. Internet maturity has allowed large but geographically spread groups of people to unite.2. Fragmentation of State and the unification of tribes […]


Jason Skinner: The Importance of a Smile in Business | Podcast Episode 2

September 13, 2017

LISTEN NOW: EPISODE 2In today’s episode we cover a topic that is one I feel very passionate about because I’ve seen it work time and time again – the importance of smiling in your business and life.What is covered in this episode:How smiling can change our physical and mental stateThe benefits of smiling on your […]


Jason Skinner : Introduction Business Made Easy | Podcast Episode 1

September 7, 2017

Introduction to the Business Made Easy Podcast: Episode 1LISTEN NOW : EPISODE 1Welcome to the Business Made Easy Podcast where we help to do just that – make it as easy as possible to run your business.With fresh episodes weekly, the Business Made Easy podcast will become your business best friend – a soft place to […]


Education Funding Update: Karen Andrews MP

May 10, 2017

Quality Schools Funding Reform PackageAhead of tonight’s Federal Budget, I wanted to let you know some specific details about the Government’s new Quality Schools Funding Package.This morning we launched an online estimator for parents, principals and teachers to see how their school stands to benefit from our needs-based funding plan.While this remains an estimator until […]